Queen Mab – Persona 5 Guide


Queen Mab – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Queen Mab from Persona

Royal New Final Boss Maruki Guide! Persona 5 Royal 103

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PERSONA 5 ROYAL (3/24) – KAMOSHIDA Merciless EASY guide

Here is a detailed boss guide on how to defeat Kamoshida on Merciless difficulty. The main points of this Strategy is for everyone to be level 11 at least, Joker will have Obariyon will the Rajunda skill and Morgana has Crystal of Lust accessory equipped.

Ann, Morgana do normal attacks, Joker does the snap skill, Ryuji uses the headbutt skill. Morgana heals with media or diarama when needed and Ann/Joker debuff the boss with rakunda/tarunda.

Don’t worry to much if you fail as you can retry on any difficulty. Good luck and hope this helps 😉

#KamoshidaBoss #Merciless #Persona5Royal

Persona 5 Strikers – Platinum Walkthrough Speedrun 21/21 – Full Game Trophy Guide

In this series I take you through the full platinum at a Speedrun like pace and cut out any story along the way, so no spoilers! Commentary is provided to explain everything and this series is likely going to take, with the story and grinding cuts, approx 5-10 hours.

Persona 5 Strikers playlist;

Post-Game step by step checklist, you will find the fusion recipes in here also;

42/47 – Those Who Heed the Call – Completed 50 requests. – https://youtu.be/bp5l8uo61go?t=982
43/47 – Eternal Bonds – Maxed out all BOND skill levels. – https://youtu.be/bp5l8uo61go?t=1691
44/47 – Eye for Talent – Spent Persona Points to strengthen a Persona’s stats. – https://youtu.be/bp5l8uo61go?t=1748
45/47 – No Looking Back – Started a New Game+ on Merciless Difficulty. – https://youtu.be/bp5l8uo61go?t=1774
46/47 – Mask Connoisseur – Completed the Inmate Registry. – https://youtu.be/bp5l8uo61go?t=1926
47/47 – True Phantom Thief – Earned all trophies. – https://youtu.be/bp5l8uo61go?t=1926

#Persona5Strikers #TrophyGuide #PlatinumSpeedrun

10 important tips for new Persona 5 Royal players

Persona 5 Royal has just been released for all platforms, now everyone can enjoy this masterpiece that Atlus made years ago. I have made this guide for all of the new people trying to figure out how things work in the game to make sure things go smoothly in their play throughs. #persona5royal #p5r

01:08-social stats
01:55-fuse a lot
02:32-check your stats
3:22-fusion alarm
3:57-how to make money
4:32-Don’t ignore Mementos
4:59-When to tackle a palace
5:39-SP Items
6:41-back up your save data